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      L I V E    H A R D

Loyalty -Integrity- Valor- Empathy-

Honesty- Accountability- Respect- Discipline

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Life Coaching by Raven Cain


What can the LIVE  HARD Philosophy do for you?

The LIVE  HARD Life coaching philosophy is all about you. It is about solutions to problems in a very practical and usable way. Kyoshi Raven Cain developed this very unique method of helping others based on the concept of Warriorship. Why Warriorship? The warrior had to live in the moment and frankly they had no choice but to find solutions to problems.  Any distractions in a true battle will result in certain death. 

What can you expect?

Set a standard for yourself

Identifying goals and your unique vision for success

Creating a personal game plan

Overcoming limiting beliefs

Working toward financial independence

Obtaining balance in life

Learning how to communicate

Make connections professionally and personally

The LIVE  HARD  'B' Attitudes

The LIVE HARD core values


The LIVE HARD 3 Dynamics

Enjoy Free Video's

Please enjoy our free video content, we hope it help's you in your life. If you enjoy our free video's you will love Kyoshi Raven's one on one mentoring program.  Simply contact us at our contact page and let us know that you would like to be mentored by Kyoshi Raven. 

Kyoshi Raven Cain

What makes Kyoshi Raven qualified to guide you? He is a life long student of the martial arts and the philosophy of the warrior, spending over 40 years devoted to the training. He has also spent half his life searching for the answers. Researching nearly every known spiritual tradition and self help modalities. He is an ordained Zen priest who spends his days mentoring troubled youth to become the best versions of themselves.  At night he is devoted to teaching children and adults the martial arts and the LIVE  HARD Philosophy.  His mission is to help change as many people for the better that he possibly can.  

LIVE  HARD stands for

Loyalty - Integrity - Valor - Empathy   -  Honesty - Accountability - Respect - Discipline

Self Disipline

We must be self disciplined because knowledge is only power when you take consistent action.  

I was suicidal and Kyoshi Raven could see it. He invited me to his school and taught me some simple techniques that absolutely changed my life.  I would not be here today if it was not for him.

Louis  (St. George UT)

Be the BEST you can be.

You have a choice in life to live less then you can or to reach your full potential.  It is up to you. Only you have the power to implement the technology  and the skills. Take the road less traveled and invest in your greatest asset....YOU! 


This video will give you a brief explanation of the LIVE HARD Philosophy

How to solve lifes problems

There are specific skills anyone can learn to help them over come life's trials and tribulations.  Take a moment to learn some of the basic principles from this video.  When you lean the life changing LIVE  HARD Philosophy you will understand and know the options and solutions to any of life's hard situation.  

Don't Major in Minor Things!

You will learn how to put first things first, and how to Major in Major things. Many people have the problem of majoring in minor things. They get distracted by the little insignificant in life.  In order to become the best versions of ourselves we must learn how to make the best use of our time.  If you want more details on how to best do this, please contact us about our mentoring program. 

Anyone can do it!

Kyoshi Raven came out of the environment where he had absolutely nothing. No money, no food, and lived in a one car garage. He was raised in a cult and nearly died from being poisoned. He fought back against all odds to become very successful.  He always says "If I can do it, YOU can do it to."

I came to Raven Self Defense Academy to learn how to defend myself. But it is what I learned in addition to defending my self that has effected my life in such a positive and motivating way.  Thank you Kyoshi!

Steve  (Hurricane UT)

Build your best relationship

Building Relationshipts pt 1

Relationships are essential to a happy and successful life.  Regardless if you are looking to develop a personal relationship or networking for business everyone should learn the skills needed to develop great friendships and more. 

Building Relationships pt 2

One's love life is a major thing that must be carefully crafted and taken care of. Learn how to have a long lasting love.

The "B" Attitudes of LIVE HARD

Be The Hero

Be The Authentic Self

Be The Warrior

Be The Buddha

Be The Man

Be The Leader

Be The King

Be The Bad Ass

. Be  The Hero 

. Be The Authentic Self  

. Be The Warrior

. Be The Buddha

. Be The Man

. Be The Leader

. Be The King

. Be The Bad Ass​

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