About us

Utaka-Ha is a unique faction of the Musashi Clan. The method is broken down into seven key areas derived from the 18 skills of the Samurai.

Who we are

Our goal is to build leaders, not followers, and teach our students how to be their best! The following teachers are recognized by the Utaka-Ha
musashi utaka ha

Raven Cain, O’Sensei

has spent a lifetime learning martial arts. He has been developing his skills, strategies, and tactics for 40-plus years. He owned several martial arts schools in his hometown of Virginia Beach and later in Richmond Virginia, and is now proud to bring his art to Southern Utah. In his early years, he was a Bar Bouncer and Guardian Angel in hopes to test himself and his skill set.
ken winthrop1

Kenneth Winthrop, Soke

started the martial arts while in the USAF, he practiced Judo while stationed at F.E. Warren AFB in 1957. In 1962, after leaving the military, he continued the study martial arts. It was at this time that he began to study Mi Yama Ryu JuJutsu under Shinan Antionio Pereira and in 1965 he was awarded a black belt, he was the 5th person to ever earn the coveted black belt in Mi Yama Ryu JuJutsu. Great Grandmaster Kenneth Winthrop is currently the Soke and the head of the Mi Yama Ryu Kempo JuJutsu Kai.
melani wright

Melani Wright, Kyoshi

is a 5th-degree Black Belt in Mi Yama Ryu Kempo Jujutsu, a 3rd-degree black belt in Tang Soo Do, and a 4th-degree black belt in American Karate. She is the head instructor of our Raven Self Defense Kids program. She is also a Musashi Ryu BuJutsu Utaka-Ha Okuiri
cassius clay hughes

Coach "Cassius" Clay Hughes

is Southern Utah's LEGENDARY boxing coach! Coach Clay Hughes is a former Boxer with an impressive fight record. He has been actively coaching boxing for nearly 40 years and has an undeniable love for teaching and coaching children to be champions, not only in the ring but also in life. We are proud to have Coach Clay here at the Raven Self-Defense Academy!
travis johnson

Travis Johnson, Kyoshi

Raven Self Defense Black Belt (5th Dan) in UT under the direction of Raven Cain. He is a member and one of the board of directors for the Raven Black Belt Society. He is a former full-contact kickboxer and has been training for almost 2 decades. He helps teach adult classes and MMA classes. He is also a Musashi Ryu BuJutsu Utaka-Ha Okuiri
alex barbaran

Alex Barbaran

3rd Degree Black belt in taekwondo/karate in another specialized school, with years of martial arts teaching experience with youth. Training further under the Raven Self Defense Academy curriculum and is currently a member of the Raven Black Belt Society. He is also a Musashi Ryu BuJutsu Utaka-Ha -Okuiri