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      L I V E    H A R D

Loyalty -Integrity- Valor- Empathy-

Honesty- Accountability- Respect- Discipline

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Raven Self Defense Academy is not a gym, where individuals train in relative isolation; it is a community. Our instructors work hard to get to know each individual, and work to accommodate their personal needs.

We are based in the philosophy of developing the Body, Mind and Spirit through the traditional Martial Arts Way of Life. This includes development of physical and cerebral self-defense skills, improvement of stamina and physical health, development of concentration and focus and expansion of self-control and social awareness.

RAVEN is a university of the martial arts, and we maintain the highest standards of respect, courtesy and professional training. Our students train with each other, and not against each other. From our students we expect kindness, integrity, respect, loyalty, humility, and a warrior mentality.

The primary focus of our curriculum is the continual improvement and development of all of our students. We believe that on our training mat there is never an opponent but many training partners. We all train and sweat together for the shared goal of improving everyone’s ability. We train like a family and believe the strength of the RAVEN Ohona (family) is each individual member and the strength of each member is the RAVEN Ohana team

Age, gender, current fitness level or athleticism are not factors in starting martial arts training.

Raven Cain

Raven Cain started his martial arts training in 1978 in the art of Judo. Since that time he has become a 7th Degree black belt in American & Japanese Ju-Jitsu, American Karate as well as a USA Boxing Coach and Blackhawk Kickboxing Instructor. He is a direct Judo and Ju-Jitsu Black Belt under Grandmaster E.R. Spruiell, 10th Dan.  He is a 5th degree black belt in Shaolin Kempo and Hawaiian Kempo under Bruce Corrigan, 10th Dan.  He is a black belt in Ninpo TaiJutsu under Ralph Severe, 8th Dan. He is the Tribal Representative for the United States Muay Thai Association (NAL).  Raven Cain founded the art of Shaolin Kempo JuJitsu in 1992, blending the most practical of what he has learned into a kick, strike, throw, submit method. He continues to be a student and is constantly updating and modifying his art. He is an ordained Buddhist Priest and a leader in the community.  He was awarded the  title of 'Kyoshi' by 4X World Kickboxing Champion O'Sensei Blackhawk Walters, 8th Dan. He is a 2002 Martial Arts Hall of Fame winner as ‘Master of the Year’. He is a published author and a former recording artist with Universal Music Group. He is recognized as the legitimate founder and head of the house of Raven Method Shaolin Kempo JuJitsu, and is the owner of Raven Self Defense Academy, in Hurricane UT.

What our students are saying

This is a great school of Martial Arts. The instructors are great to work with. I especially love the variety of training they offer. From Kick Boxing to Jujitsu to real life Self Defense, every class is so much fun. My boys and I can't get enough. I love the family environment too. I recommend everyone take a few classes.

Rusty Collett Jevne

Melani Wright

Melani Wright is a 3rd degree black belt in Tang Soo Do and a 1st degree black belt in Kajukibo with a blue belt in Jujitsu. She studied under Alania Lindsey with who she earned her first degree black belt in Tang Soo Do, Andy and Melissa Malcolm with who she earned her second and third degree black belts in Tang Soo Do, James Farnsworth who taught her Bobby Laurence style and with who she earned a green belt, and Raven Cain who awarded her a first degree black belt in Kajukibo and a blue belt in Shaolin Kempo Jujitsu and still teaches at the Raven Self Defense Academy  today.  She  has two major passions which are martial arts and photography.  If she could do both at the same time she would be thrilled. 

What our students are saying

Ravens self defense academy is an amazing place to train it has everything with amazing instructors!

Joshua Russell Tolbirt