Mi Yama Ryu Kempo JuJutsu / Krav Maga  & Ninshido is the core of our Raven Self Defense curriculum and is our signature Martial Art and Self-Defense system. Raven Self-Defense is a blending of the most practical self-defense into a kick, strike, throw, submit, stick, knife, gun, and survival system. RSD is developed from physical techniques and the mindset of the Samurai & Israeli Warriors to the culture of the dangerous streets of modern, urban America. In effect, we have created one of the few self-defense curricula suited for today's streets. Raven Self-Defense has been taught to thousands of civilians and has been used in troubled youth homes, The Guardian Angels, the United States Navy, as well as taught at police and law enforcement academies across the United States.

Raven Self Defense Academy is not a gym, where individuals train in relative isolation; it is a community. Our instructors work hard to get to know each individual and work to accommodate their personal needs.

We are based in the philosophy of developing the Body, Mind, and Spirit through the traditional Martial Arts Way of Life. This includes the development of physical and cerebral self-defense skills, improvement of stamina and physical health, development of concentration and focus, and expansion of self-control and social awareness.

RAVEN is a university of the martial arts, and we maintain the highest standards of respect, courtesy, and professional training. Our students train with each other, and not against each other. From our students, we expect kindness, integrity, respect, loyalty, humility, and a warrior mentality.

The primary focus of our curriculum is the continual improvement and development of all of our students. We believe that on our training mat there is never an opponent but many training partners. We all train and sweat together for the shared goal of improving everyone’s ability. We train as a family and believe the strength of the RAVEN Ohana (family) is each individual member and the strength of each member is the 

RAVEN Ohana 

Age, gender, current fitness level, or athleticism are not factors in starting martial arts training. 

The purpose of  Mi Yama Ryu Kempo  JuJutsu lies not in victory or defeat but in the perfection of one’s character. Martial Arts and the Modern Day Samurai philosophy enhances one's self-worth and develops character and maturity. This is instilled in all students, helping them find self-confidence and discipline, putting them on a pathway to higher achievement outside the dojo.

Our Classes

Our group classes are dynamic, challenging, interesting, and most of all...FUN! Classes normally begin with some type of functional warm-up. During this time, students engage in aerobically based movement that features the same body mechanics required in martial arts training. ​ Once students are adequately “loosened up,” group class will focus on one or two specific aspects of the RAVEN curriculum. These include:

Speed & Agility

Speed and agility training may include kickboxing drills, work with weapons, or specific evasive movement.

Striking and Kicking

Striking and kicking practice and drills are essential elements of all martial arts. Specific drills using the focus pads, kicking shields, or other pieces of equipment will help coordination, build upper and lower body strength and greatly increase stamina. Students may work on previously learned skills, or be introduced to a new method of kicking or striking based on our wide range of inclusive styles.

Self-Defense & Counter Aggression

Students learn the essential skills necessary to deal with both physical and verbal aggression. The focus is real-world self-defense training. You will learn proven techniques that include defenses against punches, kicks, grabs, chokes, and weapons. Self-defense is an integral part of a group class and teaches students the movements and reactions necessary to overcome any aggressive situation.

Cerebral Self Defense

A martial art consists of more than physical movement, it is also a mental mindset. Students are taught how to evaluate aggressive behavior. They also learn to deal with overpowering personalities and to become empowered by their knowledge of self-defense. This aspect of training directly transfers to daily life when dealing with any stressful situation or overpowering circumstances.


All of the Martial Arts taught in our dynamic group classes are also available on a private or semi-private basis. Whether your interest is in private one-on-one instruction, training with a friend, family training, or a group of friends who want to learn specific skills - we can create a training program for you! RSDA instructors are certified to teach Mi Yama Ryu Kemp JuJutsu. 


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Musashi Utaka - Raven Cain

Referred to as O'Sensei by his students.

Founder of  Raven Self Defense Academy & The Way of the Raven Philosophy 

Inheritor of Mi Yama Ryu Kempo JuJutsu Kai

Leader of the  Musashi -Clan Utaka-Ha Honbu Dojo 

 Raven Cain was given the name Musashi Utaka by the 19th headmaster of the historic Musasi Clan in Japan and awarded the title of O'Sensei.  He was given leadership of the Utaka-Ha of the Clan Musashi being the first person outside of Japan to receive such an honor.  

He was awarded his Judo and Ju-Jutsu Black Belt under Grandmaster E.R. Spruiell, 10th Dan with whom he is a direct student. He is also a Black Belt and direct student in Shaolin Kempo, Hawaiian Kenpo (Kajukenbo)  under Bruce Corrigan, 10th Dan. He is a direct student and Black Belt of 4 X World Kickboxing Champion Blackhawk Walters 10th Dan. He is a direct student and black belt (equivalent) in Combatives under Fernan Vargas. He is a direct student and a Menkyo Kaiden holder under  Shinan Kenneth Winthrop in Mi Yama Ryu JuJutsu, as well as a student under John Hackleman  10th Dan, in Hawaiian Kempo.  He is a direct student and black belt in FASST  under GrandMaster Sky Benson 10th Dan.   He is a Black Belt in Kamiyama Ninpo Happo Biken under Ralph Severe, 9th Dan. He is a certified PCS instructor under Master Matt Cooper. He is a USA Boxing Coach, a USA Wrestling Coach,  he is the Utah State Representative for the World Wide Kajukenbo Association, as well as the Tribal Representative for the United States Muay Thai Association (NAL).  

Raven has spent a lifetime learning martial arts. He started his training in the 197o's at a very young age. He has been actively teaching martial arts since 1991. He owned several martial arts schools in his hometown of Virginia Beach and later in Richmond Virginia, and is now proud to bring his art to Southern Utah. In his early years, he was a bar bouncer in hopes to test himself and his skill set. This leads to many discoveries and would eventually bring him to develop Way of the Raven & eventually the inheritor of Mi Yama Ryu Kempo JuJutsu Kai. Raven Cain began developing the method in 1992  blending the most practical of what he had learned into a kick, strike, throw, submit, stick, knife, gun, survival method. His students began calling his philosophy "The Way of the Raven" out of respect. 

He is a former New York Guardian Angel acting as the defensive tactics instructor for the group. He has been involved in many dangerous combat engagements with the Guardian Angels including civil unrest and gang warfare.

He had the honor to be a hand-to-hand combat instructor for the United States Navy and has taught military personnel from Navy SEALS to EOD and military police. He has taught defensive tactics to the Virginia Beach police department, Virginia defense force, and the Norfolk Sheriffs' department. He currently teaches restraining tactics and self-defense for a troubled youth treatment center in Virgin Utah. He continues to be a loyal student to his teachers and is constantly updating and modifying his art.

He is now a board member for the Civil Ground Patrol in Southern Utah a group dedicated to public safety, similar to the Guardian Angels. 

On January 13th of 2020, he was accepted into the Global Sokeship Alliance as the founder of 

 Way of the Raven 

He now sits as a council member and is on the International Council of Grandmaster's board of directors.

In March of 2022, he was awarded the right to lead the Musashi Clan Utaka-Ha Honbu Dojo, directly from the 19th generation head of the Musashi Clan, and is presently the ONLY person outside of Japan who has been given this honor.  

He is an ordained Buddhist Priest and a leader in the community. He is a 2002 Martial Arts Hall of Fame winner as ‘Master of the Year’. He was once again inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 2020 as the  'Grand Master of the Year'.  He is a published author and a former recording artist with Universal Music Group.

He is a certified life coach with the Academy of Applied Psychology and a certified personal trainer with the Executive World Fitness Association. 

He is the owner of Raven Self Defense Academy, in Hurricane UT.

What our students are saying

This is a great school of Martial Arts. The instructors are great to work with. I especially love the variety of training they offer. From Kick Boxing to Jujitsu to real life Self Defense, every class is so much fun. My boys and I can't get enough. I love the family environment too. I recommend everyone take a few classes.

Rusty Collett Jevne

Dai Hanshi Kenneth Winthrop

10th Degree Great Grandmaster

Dai Hanshi Winthrop started the martial arts while in the USAF, he practiced Judo while stationed at F.E. Warren AFB in 1957. In 1962 after leaving the military he looked to continue the study of martial arts. It was at this time that he began to study Mi Yama Ryu JuJutsu under Shinan Antionio Pereira and in 1965 he was awarded his black belt, he was the 5th person to ever earn the coveted black belt in Mi Yama Ryu JuJutsu. 

In order to honor his teacher who passed in 1999  Dai Hanshi Winthrop developed MiYama Ryu Kempo JuJutsu Kai with the help of his inheritor Raven Cain to share with the world what his teacher shared with him. 

 He is the current president of the International Council of Grandmasters.

What our students are saying

The dojo is an incredible and amazing place with blood sweat and tears being the foundation. But amongst the hard training, there is not more welcoming and supportive place to excel and achieve whatever goals you wish to work towards.

Perry Taylor

Melani "Grey Fox" Wright

5th Degree Black  & Red Belt

Melani Wright is a 4th degree Black Belt in American Karate, a 3rd degree black belt in Tang Soo Do, a 1st degree black belt in Kajukibo . She studied under Alania Lindsey with who she earned her first degree black belt in Tang Soo Do, Andy and Melissa Malcolm with who she earned her second and third degree black belts in Tang Soo Do, James Farnsworth who taught her Bobby Laurence style and with who she earned a green belt, and Raven Cain who awarded her a first degree black belt in Kajukibo  and still teaches at the Raven Self Defense Academy  today.  She  has two major passions which are martial arts and photography.  If she could do both at the same time she would be thrilled. 

What our students are saying

The strength and character this class has brought to our family is amazing my daughter had no interest in making changes in her daily activity’s that had me worried and soon as she had ben in self defense for a week I saw a change it has benefited my daughter in so many ways I would recommend this class with 5 stars the staff has earned there respect

Brenda B Uribe

Coach "Cassius" Clay Hughes

Southern Utah's LEGENDARY boxing coach, Coach Clay Hughes teaches right here at the Raven Self Defense Academy! More background info on Coach Clay coming soon!  

What our students are saying

The owner and instructor Raven Cain has become one of the biggest and most influential mentors I've ever had and has changed my life towards being an everyday joe to that of one with a warrior mindset. I owe him so much and hope to repay the favor

Daniel Taylor

Aidan "Crazy Snake" Cain

Brown Belt

Aidan 'Crazy Snake' Cain is a prodigy who has been training in the martial arts under his father Kiaso Raven Cain before he could walk. In his first week of life, he was on the dojo mats. Crazy Snake is an assistant instructor with a high level of technical skill. He is currently a Brown Belt in the Way of the Raven and Mi Yama Ryu Kempo JuJutsu, and a competitor in boxing, and grappling matches. He hopes to one day compete in Sport Jujutsu as well as MMA and to become a Green Berra in the US Army.  

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