Raven Self Defense Academy

Musashi Clan Utaka-Ha  Honbu Dojo

 Raven Self Defense Academy / Utaka-Ha Honbu Dojo is a transformational and therapeutic cutting-edge Martial Arts, fitness, and self-development Modern-Day Samurai school. Raven Self Defense has an operating philosophy of integrated wellness, and self-mastery, through a visionary application of the Utaka-Ha martial arts and philosophical systems. It can honestly be said that Raven Self Defense Academy provides a transformational approach to becoming evolved - spiritually, Mentally, emotionally, and Physically.

100% of our students who were victims of physical bullying are no longer bullied

and have not compromised their values.

Many people feel vulnerable and wish that they had a way to defend themselves if they end up in a dangerous situation. Studying at Raven Self-Defense Academy can help you shake feelings of vulnerability and believe in your ability to ward off an attack. Defending yourself and the family you love is a priority. Money and personal belongings can be replaced, but people cannot. Studying martial arts and self-defense helps you learn to disarm an attacker and keep yourself and your family safe. You’ll carry yourself with strength and confidence when you know you can defend yourself.

Here at Raven Self-Defense Academy, we teach a unique no-holds-barred fighting method. It has been Battle-tested on the streets, in military combat zones, in the ring, and in the cage. We teach the 3 mountains of self-defense (Kempo for Striking, JuJutsu for Grappling, Krav Maga for Street Smart Survival & Weapons) these 3 mountains of defense are backed up by transformational principles and therapeutic Ninshido philosophy.

78% of parents report that their child has improved their GPA by one letter grade

without academic tutoring since joining RSDA!

Are you worried about your child becoming a target of bullying at school? Here at Raven Self Defense Academy, we care about your children too. We have developed a program specifically to help YOUR child defend themselves against bullies and strangers. Raven Self Defense Academy will help your child be safer, more confident, respectful, and strong! Did you know the younger a child starts in martial arts classes, the stronger they will become in all areas of their development? We do! That’s why we invite all kids from ages 5 and up to enroll in our acclaimed transformational and therapeutic martial arts classes.

98 % of parents report their children have grown spiritually since becoming a recruit in the RSDA!

We offer LIVE VIRTUAL and physical classes 5 days a week Monday - Friday and our classes are for anyone ages 5 to 95 who wants to reach their true potential! 

Raven is an innovator, educated, skilled, and pragmatic. He gets results.

Ralph J. Severe 9th Degree Black Belt

RAVEN Self Defense Academy Online

Raven Self Defense Academy Online is your passageway to the most comprehensive virtual Self Defense & Martial Arts Lifestyle curriculum on the web. You will learn the visionary Musashi Clan Utaka-Ha and the Science of Self Defense as well as the Philosophy that will help you to

Reach Your True Potential!

Modern martial arts training takes you outside the walls of the dojo and right into your home. Our students succeed through an extensive system that gives them direct training in not only

  Realistic Self Defense, but Weapons and Life Skill development.

With our Online University membership plan, not only will you get total access to our comprehensive curriculum so you can learn from home, but you will also get LIVE Virtual Classes Monday through Friday plus you'll unlock our massive library of seminars and historical videos so you'll always have exciting new videos at your fingertips!

We start by looking at fundamentals through our White Belt course and follow your progression into the advanced ranks. You have the luxury of training at your own pace and have Unprecedented Access to O'Sensei Musashi Utaka the head of the Musashi Clan Utaka-Ha. Our online Academy is Completely Interactive with members having direct access to our founder & our team of instructors, with options of Virtual Private Lessons, Life Coaching Sessions, and Belt Tests. O'Sensei Musashi Utaka and his team will be with you throughout your training journey to guide you and keep you motivated in 

reaching your true potential!

Click the link below and take our FREE Video Lesson. 

To learn and master everything in our video catalog would take decades. 


What the Grandmasters are saying

SiFu Raven has been training consistently for about 30 years. I know, because he was one of my first students. Great student then; even better teacher now! One of the best - I guarantee!

Bruce Corrigan

10th  Degree Black Belt


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What our parents are saying

My kids and I have been taking these classes since August. I love how much confidence I see not only in myself but also in my kids. My kids love  Raven and you can see how much that love is returned.  Raven is incredibly patient with my kids. I highly recommend taking self-defense classes here.

Andrhea Winder

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What our students are saying

I love karate but didn't think I would enjoy MMA. Raven teaches the techniques to where it fits into real world experiences. Within 2 nights of attending I have learned counter attacks and how to break out of certain holds. A great workout and something to look forward to after work.

Chris Franklin

What our students are saying

Raven and crew are destroying me. I'm getting in shape and they are pushing me. I feel like they all believe in me and want me to succeed and I want to grow here and become part of the family. Definitely recommend for anyone needing confidence and conditioning.

Michelle Laneous