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Raven Self Defense Academy provides a transformational training experience in a friendly environment. We invite individuals of all ages, skill levels, and goals to learn self-defense with us. Our Krav Maga, Jujutsu and MMA classes provide students with applicable self-defense techniques and philosophies. This combination of modern skill sets equips them to live their full potential on and off the mat.

Our martial arts programs are certified and taught by experienced, top-quality instructors.

Our Raven Krav Maga instruction is certified directly from Israel. While our Raven Kickboxing is taught by a kickboxing champion. And our Raven Jujutsu applies Japanese samurai principles to today’s world. We are constantly evolving martial arts and combat sport legacies through transformation and modern development. Become your best self at Raven Self Defense Academy in Hurricane, Utah today.

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The Way of the Raven Philosophy?

The Way of the Raven Philosophy has been formulated with the purpose of guiding individuals towards awakening and transforming into Warrior Sages. Irrespective of one’s race, gender, sexual orientation, or abilities, I firmly believe that every person has the capacity to realize their fullest potential. This philosophy has been designed to be inclusive and has materialized into a tangible reality. The ultimate goal of this training is to attain the state of a Warrior Sage. Throughout this transformative journey, you will encounter numerous concepts within the system, which I will elaborate on in great detail.


The Raven Lifestyle

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Raven Self Defense Academy Online is your passageway to the most comprehensive virtual Self Defense & Martial Arts Lifestyle curriculum on the web. You will learn the Art and Science of Self Defense and the Philosophy that will help you to Reach Your True Potential!

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Raven Self Defense Academy

About Us:

The Raven Self Defense Academy team equips you with everything you need to have the upper hand in combat and self-defense. As a result of your training, you’ll be in your best physical and mental shape while seeing your full potential. We instill The Way of the Raven in our students and help cultivate their own individual style alongside the Raven style.

The Raven curriculum is constantly rotating so we can welcome new students into our martial arts classes at any time.

Our martial arts and self-defense training methods allow you to have the individualized attention you need to succeed. We highlight your unique strengths and overcome weaknesses to help you reach the highest standard.

Our History:

Owner Raven Cain has trained martial arts since 1978 and taught from Virginia to Utah during the 1980s. When he was promoted to black belt at 18 years old, his Sensei had him teach classes. While he taught he learned how to be a better educator and more about his passion for teaching. With his Sensei’s blessing he branched out and taught out of his home. He opened Raven Self Defense Academy in Hurricane, Utah in 2017 to forge his own path.

Opening a martial arts academy was aligned with Raven’s upbringing as an expressive and creative person.

Martial arts serve as a way to express yourself through your body to be authentic in a zen space. As he carries out his dream, Raven strives to help as many people as he can. He aims to eliminate negativity through martial arts so the community can be safe and reach their full potential, one student at a time.

Why It's Important

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Raven Self Defense Academy is an experience beyond exercising. We teach martial artists how to be happy, achieve their best life, and reach their full potential.

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Our lessons are based on realistic, applicable self-defense techniques. We use martial arts as a modern skillset and tool to be safe.

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Raven Self Defense Academy is proud of our martial arts teams. From our professional MMA fighters to our competition boxing team, we celebrate a healthy competitive spirit.

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The Raven Philosophy program teaches individuals how to better their lives by improving physical health, mentality, and spirituality.

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The Raven way is honoring, “Leaders not followers”. We build martial artists who are confident in themselves and guide others to do good. 

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If you’re looking for Krav Maga, Jujutsu, MMA, or even life coaching in Hurricane, Raven Self Defense Academy has it all! We invite nearby communities including La Verki, Toquerville, Washington, and beyond to train in our martial arts classes. Join us today beside Little Caesars and across from Hurricane High School!

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