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         Loyalty -Integrity- Valor- Empathy- 

   Honesty- Accountability- Respect- Discipline

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Way of the Raven Martial Arts Association


Wūyā wǔshù xiéhuì de fāngshì

Wūyā wǔshù xiéhuì de fāngshì -Way of the Raven Martial Arts Association or (WAR) for short, provides Instruction & training in Self-Defense; specifically the Art of Shaolin Kempo JuJitsu, a Mixed Martial art based in Shaolin Chin Na, Chinese Kempo, Hawaiian Kenpo, American Kenpo, Japanese JuJitsu, combat JuJitsu, and military combatives. WAR accomplishes this by a cooperative of martial arts and self defense affiliate instructors and schools providing authentic instruction & training programs in the WAR system of Shaolin Kempo JuJitsu.

WAR is also an association of dedicated students who are diligently studying and perpetuating the art of Shaolin Kempo JuJitsu. WAR provides the student with authentic Shaolin Kempo JuJitsu rank certification. WAR is the official certifying board for the art of Shaolin Kempo JuJitsu and is dedicated to carrying the flame of the art into the next generation and beyond.

WAR was created to avoid the politics of the martial arts world & To get back to the basics. To set a strong standard. WAR is not a political group and To avoid such destructive effects of politics, WAR, has a permanent Board of directors, with firm bylaws, which guides the policies and sets the standard for all members of WAR. We at WAR are devoted to the true spirit of the Martial Arts and we wish the progress and prestige of the Martial Arts to continue to grow. 

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