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When you join the Total Defense program you are can take ALL of our classes. You are able to train the KaJuKiBo way 6 days a week. Get the best of American Karate, Karasu Ha Ju-Jitsu, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Blackhawk Kickboxing and Boxing. You will get in the best shape of your life while having fun, meeting new friends and learning world-class self-defense. 

Nowhere else in the world so many cultures peacefully co-exist as in America. Because of this cultural melting pot, Americans are exposed to hundreds of fighting systems from various cultures. This availability combined with American ingenuity and innovation has led to the development of systems that can now be considered purely American martial arts. Our Total Defense KaJuKiBo American JuJitsu and American Karate system fall into this unique category as well as Kyoshi Raven's Karasu Ha KaJuKiBo Ju-Jitsu system. Americans have always examined things to see if they could improve them or make them better fir the needs of Americans. Even something as traditionally Asian as Ju-Jitsu and karate is not been exempt from this American eclecticism.

Total Defense the KaJuKiBo way will change your life. Not only will you learn world-class self-defense but you also get the advantage of learning how to use KaJuKiBo as a life strategy.