The Pit

The Way of the Raven is highly influenced by John Hackleman and The Pit.  We are the only official  Pit training school in the area.  Here at The Pit Raven, we use the conditioning methods taught to the Champions who have come out of the Pit, such Champions as Chuck Lidell and Tim Kennedy to name but two. Our MMA program/ Fight Team is taught drills and skills that have been used by many World Champions for decades at the Pit.  This is your chance to learn truly proven methods that will take your MMA and even your self-defense to a World Class level. Raven Cain is a  direct student of  John Hackleman and Raven Self Defense / The Pit Raven is an authorized Pit affiliate dojo. 

History of The Pit

Raven and Kempo a brief History


Kajukenbo was created between 1947 and 1949 at Palama Settlement on Oahu, Hawaii. It developed out a group calling themselves the "Black Belt Society", which consisted of black belts from various martial arts backgrounds who met to train and learn with each other. This was the beginning of an evolutionary, adaptive style designed to combine the most useful aspects of the arts. Raven Cain studied and learned the art of  KaJuKenBo from his teacher Bruce Corrigan and continues his training under both Bruce Corrigan and John Hackleman.   

We Train HARD!

We train very hard  but what else can you expect considering our  KaJuKenBo roots?

The Pit MMA

If you think you have what it takes to become a Pit Monster then please contact us. If you want to train like an MMA fighter or one day fight in the UFC  then The Pit Raven is perfect for you. We drill Hard and we use the tried and true techniques that have made men like Glover Teixeira world-class fighters. 

Glover Teixeira