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              L I V E   H A R D  

         Loyalty -Integrity- Valor- Empathy- 

   Honesty- Accountability- Respect- Discipline

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The Logo

Explanation of the Logo and what it means to me... Others may have a different view but this is my personal feeling when I look at the logo and why I have chosen it as out school logo.

I am loyal to my teachers always! Remember "Loyalty Above All Else!"

The Arrows

Are a dedication to my teacher Bruce Corrigan and the spirit of continuous evolution with out limitation. The native style of the arrow is a dedication to Blackhawk Walters and pays tribute to my native heritage. It also represents my teacher Ralph Severe and his Art of Combat system.

The Outside Circle 

Is a dedication to my teacher Blackhawk Walters and the spirit of the circle of life. Blackhawk always taught me to have fun and enjoy the journey. It is also a reminder of my teacher Kitabu Roshi who taught me the essence of Zen.

The Blue Inside of the Circle 

Is a reminder to be like water and is a reminder of the Jeet June Do concept taught to me by Tim Brimingham, Gary Dill, Snake Blocker and Bruce Corrigan. It is also a reminder to always be adaptable and fluid. Be scientific and be strategic. Have Focus, take Action, apply the Skills through strategy and Tactics.

The Triangle

Is a dedication to my teacher Grand Master Ellerton Spruiell as well as my teachers Grand Master Bruce Corrigan, Grand Master Blackhawk Walters, Grand Master Ralph Severe, Grand Master Kitabu Roshi,  Grand Master Sky Benson. This is for the Spirit , Mind, Body and the triangle of force as well as the many triangles represented and taught in our system including the pyramid concept, the boxer's triangle, the tri concept, and the triangle of force concept. 

The White Inside the Triangle 

Represents the purity of Spirit, mind, and body that one develops through the continuous,and consistent practice of the Warrior Arts.

The Black Inside the Triangle

 To me represents the battlefield arts and the darkness and uncertainty of combat yet the gold around the kanji represents the light in the darkness that shows the way

The Japanese Kanji 

Means Valor-Benevolence-Wisdom or you might say

 Courage - Empathy - Wisdom. This is the very core of the way a martial artist should live their lives.

The Red Circle 

Represents the sacrifice of blood of the warrior's of the past present and future. Those warriors of the past brought the way of the warrior to us, past down from generation to generation and will continue to be done with the warriors of the present and the future. It is also a representation of the brotherhood and sisterhood or the Ohana that surrounds us. There is strength in numbers! "Blood doesn't make us family LOYALTY does!"

The Raven Inside the Triangle 

Represents not only my warrior name and totem but also Blackhawk who gave me the name Raven and my Apache Knife and Combatives teacher Fernan Vargas who has been instrumental in my growth as a Martial Artist.  Raven Cain (me) is where the Martial Arts Matrix of Way of the Raven comes from My personal life experience and through my understanding of what I was taught from my teachers the method has developed and continues to evolve.  I pass this knowledge down to  my students who then pass it down to their students. 

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