Written by Raven Cain on November 4, 2022

The LIVE HARD B Attitudes

  1. Loyalty
  1. Family - spouse - children- true friends
  2. Know you're why
  3. Stand for your Ohana
  4. Look sharp in public loyal to yourself
  5. become a respected member of your community 

Be The Hero

  1. Loyal to your beliefs
  2. To your standard
  3. To your mission/purpose
  4. To your me time

2. Integrity 

  1. Rules of engagement
  2. Work ethic
  3. Make good and ethical decisions
  4. Help others in need when they ask
  5. Be a Nobel brother, son, and man

Be the Authentic Self

  1. What is your core belief?
  2. Do it when no one is looking
  3. What is your standard?
  4. What is your personal code?

3. Valor

  1. Be brave enough to become who you want to become
  2. Brave enough to be honest
  3. Brave enough to ask yourself the right questions

Be the Warrior

  1. Stand for what you believe in
  2. Represent your standards
  3. Live your mission/purpose
  4. Stand up for others in need

4. Empathy

  1.  Practice L.U.V.E
  2. Truly connect with others
  3. Be a healer
  4. Be a peacekeeper

Be the Buddha

  1. Compassion for others
  2. Total understanding through L.U.V.E.
  3. Use words that heal
  4. Use touch that heals

5. Honor

  1. Vicious intensity toward the truth
  2. Be all you want to be in truth
  3. Accept reality for what it is
  4. Keep it real

Be the Man

  1. Be brutally honest with yourself
  2. Always be your authentic self
  3. Express yourself authentically and truthfully
  4. Do nothing that brings shame to your family or name. 

6. Accountability 

  1. Be a leader by taking extreme ownership of all you do
  2. Be accountable for your success, failures, and ups and downs. 

Be the Leader

  1. Be honest and keep it real with yourself
  2. Be honest and keep it real with others
  3. Be honest and keep it real with what you do
  4. Be honest and keep it real with the results you get

7. Respect

  1. Relationships fall apart because of the lack of respect
  2. King and queen concept
  3. The opinions of others
  4. Treat others as you would like to be treated
  5. Respectful communication

Be the King

  1. Respect yourself and your own life
  2. Respect your family and support system
  3. Respect Mother Earth
  4. Display respect through your actions

8. Discipline

  1. Demand that you grow
  2. Grow every 3 months you must evolve
  3. You must expand
  4. You must have a balance of mind body and spirit
  5. Every day and in every way getting better and better and better

Be the Badass

  1. The daily discipline of mind body and spirit
  2. Discipline your core beliefs
  3. Discipline in your standard
Article written by Raven Cain
has spent a lifetime learning martial arts. He has been developing his skills, strategies, and tactics for 40-plus years. He owned several martial arts schools in his hometown of Virginia Beach and later in Richmond Virginia, and is now proud to bring his art to Southern Utah. In his early years, he was a Bar Bouncer and Guardian Angel in hopes to test himself and his skill set.

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