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The RSDA Gym

 Whether your building up for an activity, rehabilitating an injury, or getting fit, RSDA Gym welcomes you with open arms. RSDA Gym loves results. We get the best results in the area with our training  

 Unlike most gyms, RSDA success relies on our members experience and we take as many steps as needed to improve the gym to suit your needs. We are constantly evolving and making RSDA Gym the best underground and hardcore gym in the area.

If you prefer to workout on your own in our gym you have that option. As low as 15.00 per month you can enjoy the benefits of a fully operational MMA and fitness gym. All adult student members of the RSDA dojo get a free RSDA gym membership.

We have everything you need to get into fighting shape! 

Rubber Flooring


Free Weights

Incline and Decline Benches

Heavy Bags

Boxing Ring

Squat Rack

Smith Machine