What can the Way of the Raven Modern Day Samurai philosophy do for you?

We teach our philosophy throughout our classes and in private life coaching sessions with Musashi Utaka, O'Sensei.

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Musashi Utaka, O'Sensei

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Set a standard for yourself and Identify goals and your unique vision for success. You will be Creating a personal game plan while Overcoming limiting beliefs and Working toward your best self. You will be Obtaining balance in the Mind-Body-Spirit Triangle and making life really ROCK for you. You will be learning how to communicate and build a positive and fulfilling lifestyle.

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Please enjoy our free video content, we hope it help's you in your life. If you enjoy our free video you will love Raven's one on one mentoring/ Life Coaching program. Simply contact us at our contact page and let us know that you would like to be mentored by O'Sensei Musashi Utaka.
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Live Hard stands for

Loyalty - Integrity - Valor - Empathy - Honor - Accountability - Respect - Discipline
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Musashi Clan

What makes Musashi Utaka (The name that the 19th head of the Musashi Clan gave to Raven Cain) qualified to guide you? He is a lifelong student of the martial arts and the philosophy of the warrior, spending over 40 years devoted to the training.

Musashi Utaka

He is an ordained Zen priest who spends his days mentoring troubled youth to become the best versions of themselves. He is the Life Coach for an adult leadership program in UT and is a nationally certified Life Coach with the Academy of Modern Applied Psychology.


At night he is devoted to teaching children and adults the martial arts and the Way of the Raven - Modern Day Samurai Philosophy to help change as many people's lives for the better as he possibly can. If you are looking for Ninshido way, ddo not hesitate to contact us!

What our customers say about us

Reviews from our students, andd people we worked with.
  • I was suicidal and Raven could see it. He invited me to his school and taught me some simple techniques that absolutely changed my life. I would not be here today if it was not for him.
    raven mma
    Louis (St. George UT)
  • "Raven is a wise man with a kind heart. He is a true warrior. His Way of the Raven Modern Day Samurai philosophy changed my life"
    raven mma
    Jill Stevens
  • I came to Raven Self Defense Academy to learn how to defend myself. But it is what I learned in addition to defending my self that has effected my life in such a positive and motivating way. Thank you O' Sensei!
    raven mma
    Steve (Hurricane UT)
  • Raven Cain is good medicine wherever he goes. His life story is amazing. He is an amazing performer and a man to have on your side.
    raven mma
    Benjamin Preseley