Children learn & grow best through martial arts.

Build self discipline, self control, and respect.
Raven Self defense academy

Kids Class

Respect for Others - Treating other people the way you want to be treated.
Self-Control - Controlling your behavior to fit the situation you are in.
Self Discipline - Doing the things you know you should do without being told.
Our children's classes are not just about kicking, punching, clinching, throwing or grappling. In fact, the skill sets we teach known as martial arts, karate, jujutsu, boxing etc. is simply just the vehicle that we use to share life skills. These life skills help reinforce the strong moral compass and integrity that we believe you as parents have already taught. Your child will learn world-class self-defense to help them against things like bullies and negative peer pressure, but more importantly, they will develop true confidence to help them become a real superhero in their own lives. We have a very unique system of positive influence. Some of the tools we use to inspire our young students

Why your kids should join us?

Established in 1992, Raven Self Defense is the only authentic source of Musashi Ryu BuJutsu Utaka-Ha, Mi Yama Ryu Kempo JuJutsu, Kapap Krav Maga and Ninshido.

Increase fitness activity

At Raven Self Defense Academy, your child will grow stronger, improve balance, and have better coordination – all while learning self-defense through the art of Musashi Ryu BuJutsu Utaka-Ha.

Achieve life skills

Your child will learn Self-Control, Self-Discipline, And Respect – the 3 pillars of our notable character development system LIVE HARD taught by our skilled instructors for over 40 years. By practicing Ninshido, Modern Day Samurai philosophy and the LIVE HARD ethics daily at home and in school, your child will learn how to build healthy self-esteem for life and more.

Prevent bullying with self defense

Musashi Ryu BuJutsu Utaka-Ha helps your child to develop a keen awareness of strangers, handle a bully, peer pressure, and also know when to speak up in difficult situations. Martial Arts also helps your child to have more confidence around other kids, and best of all, learn how to avoid those difficult situations in the first place.

Have lots-o-fun

Are Raven Self Defense Academy classes structured? Definitely. Disciplined? Of Course. Yet, let’s not kid ourselves here, we know that kids want to have fun… and that’s exactly what they get! All through the proven Raven way that kids of all ages really enjoy.

Become more focused and attentive

Whether your child is at home or in school, staying focused on a task over a length of time can be a challenge at any age. Our classes will teach your child how to become laser-like focused and develop the attention span that is required to complete tasks and so much more!

Determined to succeed

Through our proven martial arts training, along with support from parents and our instructors, your child will learn how to have more enjoyment at the playground, in school, or at home by setting achievable personable goals. As a result, your child will have healthy self-esteem and will be determined to succeed.

Gain more confidence

Ready for your child to stand a little taller? We help kids of all ages, especially those in the pre-teen and teen years, by showing them not only feel good about their abilities but also how to appreciate who they are as individuals.

Build leadership skills

Through the martial arts classes, Raven students are encouraged to lead daily. Students develop the ability to have the courage to take charge of what needs to be done. We offer leadership skills development training in our regular group class,  our White Tiger team leaders, our Green Dragon Team leaders, or our Sempai Team of Role Models, all the way up to our Certified Instructor Training program.

Children's Training

This is just a few of the things we do to help reinforce life skills and what makes us so much more than your typical “karate school”. We are a “Transformational Academy”. - O'Sensei

The point system

The point system. The TPS is much like the ticket system at Fiesta Fun we award our students with points that they can use to buy toys from our toy box. How do they earn these points?
Monday if they come in with a motivational story about something they did they earn 1 point.
Tuesday is “tell it Tuesday” where they tell us about an above or beyond thing, they did such as extra chores around the house etc.
Wednesday is “New Word Wednesday” this is where they get to share a brand-new word, the spelling, and the definition. When they do both, they get 2 points
Thursday is “Throwdown Thursday” where, with the parents' permission, get to compete in teams for points.
Friday is “Fun Friday” where the students get to play martial art games and once again compete for points.
Additional points can be earned. If students make their beds all week, they get an additional 5 points. If the students say “yes sir/yes ma’am all week to Mom and Dad, they get 5 additional points.

Citizenship Awards System

The CAS is a 31-day chart that helps the student stay on track with items such as doing homework, chores, keeping bedtimes, sharing, and even practicing their Raven Self-Defense skills. When the student gets 31 days of marks, they get a stripe on their belts. Once they get 3 Stripes, they are ready for the Intent to Promote Sheet.

Intent to Promote Sheet

The ITPS is the sheet we send you when your child has completed all the requirements for the upcoming test. When that happens, we want your feedback such as how has your child's behavior at home been? How have your child's respect levels been? We also ask this from their homeroom teacher. When we get good reports back, then your child is able to test for the next belt.
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