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      L I V E  H A R D

Loyalty -Integrity- Valor- Empathy-

Honesty- Accountability- Respect- Discipline 

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Raven Fighting Method


Here, you will learn the most important and effective aspects from multiple martial arts disciplines. The curriculum is organized in a manner so every student quickly becomes proficient in the art and science of self defense. 

The RAVEN Martial Arts Program puts it all together! Learn a comprehensive, and integrated approach to empty hands, edged & blunt weapons, close range defense and ground combatives. Our goal is to enable students of any age to become proficient in all ranges of self-defense. Here, you will learn and master skills against single or multiple opponents, versus weapons related attacks, standing or on the ground, and in a variety of day to day environments. We teach the art of SHAOLIN-KEMPO-JUJITSU the perfect blend of the worlds most effective self defense systems. 

SHAOLIN -  Has its focus on the philosophy of warriorship.  The betterment of self and a high level of human evolution.                                     

              KEMPO -Hawaiian Kenpo and KaraZenpo GoshinJutsu for close range combat and realistic self defense                                                                                      

JU-JITSU - Has a focus on throws, joint locks, and ground combatives, for self defense                                                                                                          

Together this make a unique Kick-Strike-Throw-Submit system for TOTAL self defense! 

The key to the Shaolin Kempo JuJitsu curriculum is recognizing and overcoming the fact that each of the great martial arts systems tend to be limited by a specific focus and paradigm. For example; Ju Jitsu assumes that combat will be ground based, kickboxing focuses on long to mid-range standing combatives, and Kempo on close range tactics. 

Our unique Shaolin Kempo JuJitsu curriculum identifies the logical parts of each specific art that will interconnect with the other arts. This develops a method of training that allows a student to study the most effective aspects of all five arts simultaneously, without being limited by the scope or assumptions of one single martial arts system. The result is a unique and extremely functional method of training that allows students to become fully capable in all characteristics and ranges of combat - absent of any limitations. Keep this in mind: you won’t just learn small aspects of our selected systems; you will learn each one in great detail along with the way to put them all together in a manner that allows you to transition from one to the other - depending on the circumstances!

Although Shaolin Kempo JuJitsu is a highly effective system of self-defense it is also rooted in traditional warrior values. Without ethical and honorable moral codes a student could falter and use the techniques of RFM in a dangerous way. RFM has a goal of building Black Belt Warriors for the good of all mankind. The student learns the LIVE HARD philosophy as developed by Raven Cain


L I V E    H A R D

Loyalty -Integrity- Valor- Empathy-

Honesty- Accountability- Respect- Discipline

What others are saying

Raven is the real deal. When I was experiencing a very challenging episode of mental illness, Raven reached out to me and shared not only his philosophy and strategies for overcoming difficulties, but also helped me take personal responsibility for living an excellent life. Raven focuses on Self Mastery, and that is what you will learn by working with him. You owe that much to yourself.

Jeremy Vincent Henry Larson

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What our parents are saying

The strength and character this class has brought to our family is amazing my daughter had no interest in making changes in her daily activity’s that had me worried and soon as she had ben in self defense for a week I saw a change it has benefited my daughter in so many ways I would recommend this class with 5 stars the staff has earned there respect

Brenda B Uribe

“An Evolution in real world combat“

The Raven Method of Shaolin Kempo Ju-jitsu is a modern Mixed Martial Art for real world self defense. 

What our customers are saying

So Great Love the energy, love how much one on one time they take to help the student learn the proper way!

Chelsey Jensen