The Raven Talon

Now you can get your very own Mi Yama Ryu Kempo JuJutsu Custom Knife. The Raven Talon was custom made by GrandMaster Chance Ward, for Hanshi Raven Cain his instructors and students.  This is the signature knife for ALL 

Mi Yama Ryu Students! 

About The Raven Talon

 I made this design specifically for my "Brother", Raven. The exaggerated depth of the concave angle was done to make it unique and aggressive. The piece on the right is the trainer-version of the live one. It's made out of the same thickness steel and design. This allows the training time to be as realistic as the live version, but safer. The piece on the left is edged on both sides to allow for whip and outer cuts.

The original Karambits and Indonesian style were edged on convex and concave sides and I maintain that traditional design unless otherwise requested.

I incorporated straight-seated serrations on the "Upper Belly" for bone/wood/rope, etc. I then placed a set of "Shark-Teeth" (rear-facing) serrations on the tip of the blade for "Whip-Cuts". The centrifugal and kinetic energy buildup makes the tip-serrations absolutely devastating to tissue. Serrations are optional when ordering.

I design all of my blades with true purpose, functionality, and ergonomic efficiency for combat or daily use.

I make everything from smaller neck-knives, field/hunting/camping, tactical, machetes to swords, and many traditional-cultural designs. If I can't make it, I'll tell you.

Please feel free to contact me:

Chancelar (Chance) Ward


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You can pay VIA Venmo. Both the Training Blade and the Live blade are $290. 00

Donation for the pair! What a Deal!