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      L I V E  H A R D

Loyalty -Integrity- Valor- Empathy-

Honesty- Accountability- Respect- Discipline 

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Raven Fighting Method 

The Raven Fighting Method (RFM)

烏 屋 柔 術

Kick -Strike- Throw- Submit

烏 屋 柔 術 RFM is the culmination of 43 years of extensive martial arts training, Guardian Angels patrols, bar bouncing, and street fights. This is self-defense system developed from Sasori Ryu Combat Ju-Jitsu, Gyokko Ryu, Koto Ryu, Togakure Ryu,  /Catch Wrestling, Kajukenbo (Shaolin Kempo), Boxing, and Blackhawk Kickboxing.  The founder of RFM, Kyoshi Raven Cain  is the Head of the Family  for the Warrior International JuJitsu System (Bushido JuJitsu) & has been inducted into the Black Belt Hall of Fame. His system is recognized as a legitimate contribution to the martial arts, it is called RFM for short. RFM is a Kick-Strike-Throw-Submit methodology that makes it a complete martial art.

Designed for “anything goes” street violence, RFM is “An Evolution in real-world combat“. This Reality-Based method is for the student that wants to focus on the ability to protect themselves and their loved ones.

Although RFM is a highly effective system of self-defense it is also rooted in traditional warrior values. Without ethical and honorable moral codes a student could falter and use the techniques of RFM in a dangerous way. RFM has a goal of building Black Belt Warriors for the good of all mankind. The student learns the LIVE HARD philosophy as developed by Kyoshi Raven Cain


L I V E    H A R D

Loyalty -Integrity- Valor- Empathy-

Honesty- Accountability- Respect- Discipline

“An Evolution in real world combat“

Kyoshi Raven Cain

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