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              L I V E   H A R D  

         Loyalty -Integrity- Valor- Empathy- 

   Honesty- Accountability- Respect- Discipline

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The RAVEN Fighting Method

The culmination of over 40 years of martial arts experience.
Developed by Kyoshi Raven Cain, The Raven Fighting Method (RFM)  is not only evolutionary but is incredibly effective at ensuring your own personal safety in a street altercation. The combination of striking and grappling martial arts is paramount in making sure you're fully able to handle whatever life throws your way.

"RFM promotes the concept that a smaller, weaker person can successfully defend themselves or another against a bigger, stronger, heavier assailant by using proper technique, leverage, and most notably,  applying the 4 ways of fighting (Kicking, Striking, Throwing, Submission) to defeat the opponent."

The RAVEN FIGHTING METHOD  (RFM) is a trademarked proprietary blended original method developed from JuJitsu, Shaolin Kempo, WWII Combatives, Boxing and Blackhawk Kickboxing. It is a complete self-defense program addressing a comprehensive array of real-world attacks and scenarios. 

RFM Kids

RFM is designed to keep your kids safe at school and away from home. Not only this, but the practice of RFM encourages your child to be more respectful, obedient, responsible, and careful in their day-to-day activities. Raven's Kids learn the LIVE HARD principles of Loyalty, Integrity, Valor, Empathy.... Honesty, Accountability, Respect, & Discipline. 

Blackhawk Kickboxing/Boxing

Blackhawk Kicboxing and Boxing created by four-time World Kickboxing Champion Blackhawk Walters. This unique style is challenging and rewarding regardless of whether your goal is to get into shape, or to become a professional fighter. 


RFM Mixed Martial Arts System is the evolution of Mixed Martial Arts for anyone who is looking to become a world class fighter or someone who wants to simply train like a world class fighter. You will learn the most practical fighting techniques available while getting in the best shape of your life

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