Written by Raven Cain on December 5, 2022

Life is Mystical

Life is Mystical (by Raven Cain) 

  1. Life is a mystery therefore it is mystical 

A. Anything that you don’t understand can appear mystical and magical to you. (take for example the scene in back to the future where Marty uses a bio-suit and a walkman to make his Dad believe he is Darth Vader there to melt his mind unless he took his mom on a date at the enchantment under the sea dance. 

B. Life has many possibilities which we have not yet explored. 

  1. . Higher consciousness is a higher vibration that unlocks your human potential
  1. It takes an enormous effort for something like a tree to grow. If you look under the earth to see the root system you would see the struggle for a tree to become a tree. The apple tree is fighting to become a fully bloomed apple tree it is not trying to become a peach tree. Human potential is just like this. You are struggling to become the true you. 
  2. Human beings are striving to become. Become what?  Become themselves at their full potential. The trick is, is understanding that there is no ceiling to growth. Human beings are always in a state of flux and expansion. When one stops growth they feel miserable and suffer a great deal. 
  3. Reaching human potential is not about reaching for a ceiling or the top of a mountain but rather it is a nonstop trajectory. Does the question then become how conscious have you become?  
  4. How have you spent your energy? How have you spent your time? Time is running out for all of us at the same rate. 
  1. If you are slightly sensitive to life you will realize that you are the biggest issue in your life. Could it be that you are going around in circles? Life is cyclical but in order to transform we must break unhealthy cycles.  
  1. All human experience comes from within you. Your chemistry is dictating how you feel. If you are joyful or suffering. 
  2. Raising your consciousness is a choice to raise your vibrations. In other words, we choose happiness and we choose connection we choose to love, and light. 

4. Life is a little your way and a  little my way and a little their way and that is just as it should be. 

  1. It is good that life is not 100% always your way. 
  2. Life is mystical it is a mystery just as it should be on your trajectory into the on known.
Article written by Raven Cain
has spent a lifetime learning martial arts. He has been developing his skills, strategies, and tactics for 40-plus years. He owned several martial arts schools in his hometown of Virginia Beach and later in Richmond Virginia, and is now proud to bring his art to Southern Utah. In his early years, he was a Bar Bouncer and Guardian Angel in hopes to test himself and his skill set.

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