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Raven Self Defense Online University is your passageway to the most comprehensive virtual Self Defense & Martial Arts Lifestyle curriculum on the web. You will learn the Art and Science of Self Defense and the Philosophy that will help you to

Reach Your True Potential!

Modern martial arts training takes you outside the walls of the dojo and right into your home. Our students succeed through an extensive system that gives them direct training in not only Realistic Self Defense, but Weapons and Life Skill development. With our Online University membership plan, not only will you get total access to our comprehensive curriculum so you can learn from home, but you will also get LIVE Virtual Classes Monday through Friday  Plus you'll unlock our massive library of seminars and historical videos so you'll always have exciting new videos at your fingertips!

We Start by looking at fundamentals through our White Belt course and follow your progression into the advanced ranks. You have the luxury of training at your own pace and have Unprecedented Access to Kaiso Raven Cain the founder of 

the Way of the Raven Method of Martial Arts,  Karasu-Do Kempo JuJutsu.

 Our online University is Completely Interactive with members having direct access to our founder & our team of instructors, with options of Virtual Private Lessons, Life Coaching Sessions and Belt Tests. Kaiso Raven and his team will be with you through​out your training journey to guide you and keep you motivated in reaching your true potential! To learn and master everything in our video catalog would take decades. 

Join us on a Journey of a Lifetime in learning the following:

*White to Black Belt Curriculum

*1st Degree to 10th Degree Curriculum

*Continuously Evolving system

*Rank Testing Available

* Historic Seminars added monthly

* Life Coaching

* Personal Attention from Kaiso Raven & His Team of Instructors

*Direct Contact With Kaiso Raven (Unprecedented)

* Daily LIVE Virtual Classes Monday - Friday

* Membership into a SECRET Facebook Group 

*Become 50% faster at taking action! (Proven Study)

*Access from any Device

*Train Anywhere You are Comfortable

*Live Chat and Training Assistance During Business Hours

*Save hundreds of dollars with our online access, one simple extremely low monthly cost.

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