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In today's hostile world full of riots and unrest it is important to be prepared to defend our families, ourselves, and those who are easy targets. I have avoided teaching this class here in Utah for several years because I did not see the need. The Way of the Raven is more than realistic and practical for modern self-defense. However, in times like this, we must be ready for extreme violence. In such a case we must be ready to act and not react. This being said I now see the need to bring to southern Utah the secret Applied Combat Technology of DUX RYU FASST & Dux Ryu Ninjutsu!


DUX FASST™ is a proprietary combat-proven technology utilized by US NAVY SEALs, Ukraine’s bERKYT, and other elite military and law enforcement units, world-wide; as well as, traditional Martial Art and MMA World Champions.

FASST™ arms you with the proper:

Focus: The Mindset; concentrated effort; decisions made in advance; the ability to utilize fear and decide without distraction or hesitation on a course of action: (i.e. centered to the point of being unwavering in the face of overwhelming odds, death, etc.)

Action: Voluntary or intended behavior as opposed to forced behavior/being Proactive vs. Reactive. Those definable observable acts that demonstrate one's commitment: (i.e. physically engaging in conflict not out of panic but wisdom)

Skill: Individual characteristics gained through (Strategy & Tactics):

Strategy: Long term aims: the ability to develop, create, adapt, perceive; to devise a plan of action to achieve a goal/result

Tactics: “The toolbox” - the methodology of finding and implementing the means to achieve particular immediate short-term aims. (The science of organizing and maneuvering - in battle, to achieve a limited and immediate aim i.e. using the set maneuvers for defending oneself from a slashing knife or a front thrust kick, etc.)


DUX FASST™ is not a system. It does not replace one skill set for another. It makes possible the highest state of readiness, as FASST “bridges the gap” between the Conditioned Response and the next evolutionary skill level one must acquire to optimally deploy their arsenal - the Instinctive Reflex Action or what is better known as the PRACTICED REFLEX RESPONSE (what martial art masters refer to as “Mind No Mind”)

Regardless of your past experience, type, or level of training you benefit, as DUX FASST™ empowers the practitioner through its proprietary trade secrets on how to Manage Anger and Fear, instinctively ACT not REACT in accordance to the USE OF FORCE CONTINUUM, the defined acceptable type and amount of force lawfully, allowed.

In addition, students acquire invaluable verbal and psychological tools in order to de-escalate a threat and prevail without physical contention. 


DUX FASST™ significantly heightens situational awareness by empowering you with the capability to transition to, adapt and overcome any kind of threat/fighting range, be it:




“Fight FASST™ as you train - Train FASST™ as you fight!”

Modern Ninjutsu / Special Warfare

After the student has become proficient in hand-to-hand, and hand to weapon self-defense of FASST, he or she is introduced to the secret art of  Dux Ryu Ninjutsu.  They will learn escape, climbing, herbology, emergency first aid, acupressure, water safety, outdoor survival skills, and a host of other rewarding and enjoyable skills, all of which can be employed in self-defense so that one can go anywhere in the world and under extreme conditions survive.

FASST / Dux Ninjutsu training is not addressed to fighting only under ideal conditions like in school, but to fluctuating situations and environments, for example, one versus multiple attackers, fighting in the dark, in a crowd or hallway, on slippery ground, such as wet grass, where a fight strategy emphasizing kicking would be rendered useless.

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