Blackhawk Kickboxing 

Blackhawk Kickboxing also know as the Way of the Hawk and KaJukiBo was developed by 4X World Kickboxing Champion Blackhawk Walters.  This method of fighting was developed from over 6 decades of fighting. Blackhawk had his first pro fight in 1973

Blackhawk Walters

Is not only a world champion at kickboxing but is also a champion at life.  His fighting style is evasive and unique. It is not like Thai Boxing it is faster and scientific.  Blackhawk Kickboxing  is a thinking mans art. Blackhawk is very intelligent and spent decades testing and  developing this world class method of fighting.  The ONLY place you can learn this effective  fight strategy and  skills developed by Blackhawk himself  is right here at the Raven Self Defense Academy. 

Blackhawk & Raven

Raven Cain is the highest rank person under the direct instruction of the Champ Blackhawk Walters and is committed to keeping Blackhawk Kickboxing alive.  Raven and Blackhawk are best friends and consider each other brothers. 

Be apart of the heritage 

We are dedicated to pass on this way of fighting to all of our students. Blackhawk Walters is a man who has earned the respect of all who have know him and his way of kickboxing will take you to the next level.  Regardless if you just want to get in shape or if you want to be a pro fighter Blackhawk Kickboxing will help you meet your goal.