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Blackhawk Kickboxing

KaJuKiBo/ Blackhawk Kickboxing Conditioning is the perfect total body workout and the fastest way to that toned fighter physique you seek. You'll learn basic Kickboxing and Western-Style Boxing skills combinations. Kickboxing Conditioning includes cardio calisthenics, bag work (150 lb. bag), punch - kick - knee elbow strikes, partner drills, pad work, and core strengthening exercises. Come ready to sweat like crazy, build a rock solid core, and burn hundreds of calories. KaJuKiBo Kickboxing was developed by 4X World KickBoxing Champion Blackhawk Walters. This is an elusive style of kickboxing, unlike any other kickboxing method. This is the unique methods of O'Sensei Blackhawk Walters. This method is how he became a World Champion 4 times over.