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KaJuKiBo Combat Ju-Jitsu


Designed for “anything goes” street violence,  KaJuKiBo Combat Ju-Jitsu's (also known as Raven JuJitsu)  is “An Evolution in Combat Ju-Jitsu“. This Reality-Based Combat Ju-Jitsu Martial Arts Program combines elements of Sasori Neko Ryu Combat Ju-Jitsu, Kosen Judo, Aikido, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Wrestling. You will not only learn effective defense techniques, but how to fight in Street Combat, Mixed Martial Arts, or Sport Ju-Jitsu encounter. This is a self-defense focused Ju-Jitsu method.  KCJJ is the base of all grappling in KaJuKiBo and the overall KaJuKiBo Jitsu Association.

KCJJ will change your life. Not only will you learn world-class self-defense but you also get the advantage of learning how to use Ju-Jitsu as a life strategy. The motto of Ju-Jitsu is Minumim effort Maximum Efficiency.    

"Seiryoku-Zenyo (maximum efficient use of energy) applies to all types of endeavors, and it is to fully utilize one's spiritual and physical energies to realize an intended purpose.

Seiryoku-Zenyo is the most effective use of the power of the mind and body. In the case of Judo, this is the principle upon which attack and defense are based, and what guides the process of teaching as well. Simply, the most effective use of mind and body may be described as the maximum efficient utilization of energy. In summary, this can be described as "maximum efficiency".

This idea of the best use of energy is one of the central tenets in Judo, but it is also important for achieving various aims in one's life." - Kano Jigoro

"This concept of the best use of energy is the fundamental teaching of KCJJ and is based on my extensive study of Judo.  Ultimately in KCJJ  like Profesor Kano once said it is the "most effectively using one's energy for a good purpose".  Profesor Kano asked the question what is 'good'?  What is the best way for one to use their energy?  Professor Kano gave some insight into this matter when he said that "Assisting in the continued development of one's community can be classified as good, but counteracting such advancement is bad... Ongoing advancement of community and society is achieved through the concepts of 'Sojo-Sojo' (help one another; yield to one another) or 'Jita-Kyoei' (mutual benefit). In this sense, Sojo-Sojo and Jita-Kyoei are also part of the greater good".