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The Family, Fun, and Fitness Experience

Welcome to the RAVEN Self Defense Academy a Self Mastery Program. 

Join us in our 3600 sq ft Academy

  • Easy to learn and effective self-defense

    The fun way to get in shape.

    A fantastic physical education supplement for kids.

    Kids learn respect, courtesy, and self-discipline.

  • The Highest Ranking and most Experienced Martial Artists in Southern Utah 

Martial Arts is the Ultimate Training Program

Nothing trains the mind, body and Spirit like martial arts.   

Our Martial Arts training method is called KaJuKiBo Ju-Jitsu. 

KaJuKiBo Ju-Jitsu is a Self Mastery Program with the ultimate goal of helping our student's to reach their full potential. 

For children,  the martial art of KaJuKiBo Ju-Jitsu instills a high level of self-worth and gives kids an appreciation of life-long health and mental focus. 

This helps them with grades in school, behavior everywhere, and social development.

For adults, the boost in confidence the  martial art of KaJuKiBo brings to our student's  has a positive effect on every aspect of their lives. 

KaJuKiBo Ju-Jitsu is a Self Mastery Program and inside it we teach our students how to be Leaders not Followers and how to always be their best.